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About Us
Development history
Company Culture

Shandong Taishan Wind Instruments Manufacture Co., Ltd., founded in 1987, has a long history and occupies a leading position in domestic wind instrument market. The company is a professional manufacturer integrating wind instrument R&D and production and is one of the domestic saxophone production bases with the largest output and the best quality. The company took the lead in passing ISO9001 product quality system certification and ISO14000 environment quality system certification and became a member unit of China Product Quality Society in the same year. Its Taishan series products include more than models in nine categories, including saxophone, trumpet, clarinet, etc, and are sold all over the country and exported to the United States, Canada, Europe, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and other countries and regions with great international influence.

For its main saxophone product, Taishan introduces advanced American wind instrument manufacturing process and invites well-known American wind instrument manufacturing experts to the company for training and instruction; and its improved technology obtains Chinese intellectual property patent and it is awarded “the Powerful Chinese Company in Musical Instrument Industry”.

Taishan wind instrument, as a well-known Chinese trademark, won the honor of Chinese Top 10 Brands of Wind Product Quality Notarization in 2003, operating based on quality. On the basis of the principle of “creating famous instrument”, the company promotes “brand products and brand service” and sincerely provides customers with the best products and the best service as well as guarantees speed and quality of after-sales service with good faith.

Development history

★In 1987, the Longkou Branch of Beijing Wind Instrument Factory was established, and the company was formally established.

★In 1993, when the then President attended the informal meeting of APEC, he presented the "Taishan" brand Saxophone produced by our company to the then President of the United States in the form of a national gift.

★In 1994, the former General Secretary of the Central Committee of the CPC and the President of the State visited Longkou City, focusing on "Shandong Taishan Wind Instrument Manufacturing Co., Ltd." and gave high praise.

★In September 2001, the Fifth China International Musical Instrument Exhibition was held in Beijing. Professor Fan Shengqi, a national saxophone soloist, visited the exhibition booth of our company and repeatedly played the saxophone produced by our company. After praising it, he said, "TaiShan musical instruments can be compared with international famous brands. Taishan company is the true cradle of saxophone".

★In July 2002, Mr. Steve, a famous American wind instrument manufacturer, came to our company to conduct a comprehensive investigation of the production process of the company's wind instruments, to find out the problems and give guidance on the spot, and then to provide technical training for the relevant personnel of the company, laying a good foundation to create conditions for the next cooperative production. "In the past, Americans thought Asian instruments (except Japan) were scrap metal, but it was surprising that the overall quality of Tai Shan instruments was no worse than that of Yamaha," Mr. Steve praised. Through Mr. Steve's personal guidance, the quality of our company's musical instruments has gone up to a new level.

★In 2002, our company was invited by the National Economic and Trade Commission, as an important member of the Drafting Committee, to participate in the formulation of "General Technical Conditions for Musical Communications", "Light Industrial Standards" and "Western Wind Instrument Product Standards" and so on, which are still in use today.

★In May 2003, Taishan Wind Instrument Co., Ltd. and American Reyton Wind Instrument Co., Ltd. set up a Sino-American joint venture Reyton Wind Instrument (Longkou) Co., Ltd. and took the first step in internationalization.

★In 2004, after our products were sent to the National Instrument Monitoring Center for testing, all of them were evaluated as "excellent" and reached the national famous brand level. In the same year, the company also passed the ISO 9001 Quality System Certification and ISO 14001 Environmental System Certification certified by Swiss SGS Certification Company.

★In 2006, our company became the Standing Director of the Fifth Council of China Musical Instrument Association. In the same year, Taishan Brand was awarded "Shandong Famous Trademark".

★In 2007, the China Musical Instrument Association awarded our company "a strong company in the Chinese musical instrument industry".

★In 2008, our company's "Taishan" brand was officially awarded "China's Famous Trademark" by the State Administration of Industry and Commerce and became the only enterprise in the wind instrument industry to win this honor.

★In 2009, our company won the patent of intellectual property rights in China for the improvement technology of the E-hole structure of the bass and middle-tone in the middle-tone saxophone.

★In 2010, at the Frankfurt International Musical Instruments Expo, Germany, our company signed an order contract with Australian customers on site. Japanese Yamaha Company said that it would jointly produce with our company. American Sideko Company and our company jointly developed the American market. After the Russian Customer Chamber of Commerce came directly to Yantai Taishan Musical Instruments Headquarters.

★In November 2013, Tianmao Flagship Store of Taishan Wind Instrument and Fangcheng of Taishan Wind Organs went online simultaneously.

★In 2015, the company passed the international certification of ISO 9001:2008 quality management system and ISO 14001:2004 environmental management system.

  Company Culture

Business purpose of the company "Create brand-name products, let the world's music-loving friends like TAISHAN (Taishan) brand musical instruments".

Corporate Mission “Bring splendor to human cultural life”.

Company's Future Vision “Become the Leader of the World Wind Music Industry”.

Corporate Values “Customer first, teamwork, quality first, pioneering and innovative, honest management, feedback to society".

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