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Taishan Taishan Brand Business Invitation
Brand name: Taishan   Franchise mode: regional agents and distributors franchisev  Capital investment: 150-300,000 yuan

Introduction to Joining Projects

Shandong Taishan Wind Instrument Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in Longkou City, Shandong Peninsula. This is an ideal tourist attraction, known as "a pearl by the Bohai Bay". Founded in 1987, the company has strong technical force and advanced professional equipment. The company integrates scientific research, development, production and operation, and introduces advanced production technology and technology from the United States. There are professional technicians in charge of production, on-site guidance from experts in American wind instrument manufacturing, quality testing by famous domestic saxophone performers. It is a domestic manufacturer of high-grade wind instruments and a production base with large Saxophone output and fast upgrading and transformation. Various kinds of western wind instruments are available, and their products are sold to major and medium-sized cities throughout the country. They are exported to the United States, Canada, Germany, Arabia, Korea, Japan, Chile, Brazil, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and other countries and regions.

Shandong Taishan Wind Instrument Manufacturing Co., Ltd. attaches great importance to the management of trademark brand. The company has established the guiding ideology of "high starting point, creating famous brand". It has established a leading group of trademark use management, strictly implemented the trademark management system of Shandong Taishan Wind Instrument Manufacturing Co., Ltd., standardized the trademark management, and formed a set of standardized and agreed enterprise brand image propaganda system. Continuous increase in brand publicity efforts and investment is "Taishan" brand series of wind instrument products in the domestic and foreign market reputation has been further improved.

Franchise Product Advantage
1.Taishan logo
Taishan Headquarters directly supplies, without any intermediate links, to ensure the pure blood of products.
2.Exquisite carving
A large area of hand carving is used to bend the pipe from the lower part of the body to the bell mouth. The exquisite carving and sophisticated craftsmanship of the carver are the first choice for presenting relatives and professional performances.
3.Original mouthpiece
Taishan original blowing mouth, carefully polished at the interface, good air tightness and timbre performance.

Joining Policy Support
1、Shop support
Professional team provides professional guidance and decoration design for the construction of dealer stores.
2、Training support
Enterprises provide training and guidance on the operation and purchasing guidance of franchise stores.
3、Business support
Enterprises assist in the unified monopoly store marketing model and the strict management of VI consistent dissemination.
4、Service support
Headquarters provides perfect supply service system and order operation process to distributors.
5、Product support
Professional to provide personalized product design, from time to time for dealers to provide new products.
6、Advertising support
Headquarters invests a huge amount of money in the unified advertising every year to continuously enhance the brand impact.

Franchise conditions
1、It has certain financial strength, good personal reputation and high comprehensive quality.
2、Reasonable store location, fixed business location, good brand management ability.
3、The qualifications of legitimate operators are full of passion for entrepreneurship, forward-looking vision and spirit of cooperation.
4、Good after-sales service management ability, able to handle customer complaints and disputes independently.
5、Good regional management ability, can coordinate with the operation of the market positioning corresponding advertising strategies.
6、Must be determined in this industry, with the courage to open up, not afraid of hardships.

Franchise process
1. Investigate the situation and development trend of local consumer market.
2. To consult and cooperate with Headquarters by telephone, fax, online message, etc.
3. To carry out project investigation at the headquarters location, conduct business exchanges and determine the scale of investment, etc.
4. The two sides confirm that the results of the investigation are not controversial and formally sign the agency contract.
5. Conduct corresponding training (construction, shop language skills, etc.) to prepare for opening.
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